Who works in this industry?

The aggregate industry employs approximately 7,000 Ontarians directly and another 34,000 in related industries.

Sand, gravel and crushed stone provide the basis for Ontario's $30-billion construction industry, which employs 270,000 people.

The aggregate industry is essential to building strong communities across Ontario.

In addition to hospitals, schools, roads, houses and shopping malls, aggregate creates good jobs and careers in communities across Ontario.

7,000 people in Ontario work directly in the aggregate industry - often creating important employment in smaller or rural locations.

The aggregate industry is also an essential input to the construction industry - creating another 300,000 jobs in Ontario. 

Likely, someone you know or are related to makes their living as a result of the aggregate industry. 

The aggregate industry contributes to local municipalities through licence fees and the aggregate levy, and is currently working with all levels of government on legislation and regulation reforms that will better reflect the needs of municipalities.